smrtPhone - flexible, scalable, phone system for Podio

smrtPhone for Podio is the first dedicated VOIP phone system that has been built specifically for Citrix Podio by passionate Podio Partners. Scale your business anywhere in the world with a smarter, faster and more cost-effective phone system that directly integrates into your existing system.

No other system on the market integrates into Podio like smrtPhone does. Our deep integration means that your teams can significantly increase their phone productivity, leading to more sales, better customer experience and increased profit.

smrtPhone is also a cost-effective option for businesses around the world. Most of our users save significant money each month by porting their numbers from systems like Call Rail and RingCentral.

Features our users love:

  • Click-to-Call from Podio to initiate your calls
  • Connect to your existing CRM contacts app in Podio to sync your address-book
  • All calls and call details automatically logged in Podio
  • Call recordings available in Podio
  • Voicemails available in Podio
  • Connect your existing IP phone systems
  • Send and receive SMS and log them directly in Podio
  • Comprehensive IVR capability
  • Instant purchase for phone numbers in over 40 countries
  • Add any of your Podio contacts as users for your phone
  • Bulk number discounts
  • Transfer calls to any other of your smrtPhone Podio users
  • Forward calls to your mobile or use SIP apps like Bria to use smrtPhone on the go
  • Dedicated in-Podio support
  • No contracts
  • Only $5/user/month (minimum of 10 users applies)