About Podio

Why we get out of bed in the morning.

The tools we use for work are not value neutral. We design and build Podio for organizations that choose an environment of collaboration and empowerment over command and control. This is what we hope you’ll feel, from the moment you start your first team project on Podio.

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Freedom to work the way you want to.

“The power to manage work is back where it originated – with the people who do the job.” Our original mission, nailed to the wall of our first basement office, is still what guides us today. To us, rigid tools and structures suck the joy out of teamwork and slow us down. Years later, more than 500,000 organizations on Podio have proven that freedom works.

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Building what we believe in.

The beliefs of our team are reflected in what we build, Podio. And we believe this is self reinforcing. Teams based on transparency, minimal hierarchy and peer recognition will find Podio suits their way of working – and that Podio promotes and rewards these beliefs to improve work, everyday.

We believe that transparency empowers.

We believe that everyone should have the means to take responsibility for their job.

We believe that collaboration is the heart of a modern business.

We believe that everybody should have the freedom to work the way they want to.