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The features that give Podio its unrivalled flexibility.

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Podio Apps

Podio apps are the tools used by teams working on Podio to organize and track their work. Every app is made using a simple drag and drop interface, with which any user can pick from a combination of these field types to create their apps:

  • Text - Used for everything from simply naming things to writing project briefs.
  • Category - Used to indicate the status of work – and to enable sorting and filtering.
  • Date - Essential for setting project deadlines and scheduling meeting times.
  • Relationship - These link apps together to indicate the relationships between data.
  • Contact - Used to set responsibilities for team members or record the details of external contacts.
  • Number - Enables the recording, reporting and calculation of any numeric values.
  • Link - Share links with rich content previews and embedded media from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Image - Include images to share designs, photographs, screenshots and more.
  • Money - Record monetary values to enable budget tracking and calculations.
  • Progress - Used to add a simple, visual, percentage indicator.
  • Calculation - Perform calculations and use basic JavaScript to automate tasks.
  • Map - Embed Google Maps into app items to record and display locations.
  • Duration - Record durations to enable time & budget tracking and calculations.

All of these fields are customizable – they can be named and configured to suit a team’s unique work process. So far Podio users have created more than one million unique apps to organize and track their work.

Filter and reporting options enable you to automate sales pipelines, project budget tracking and more – using the data from your apps.

The workflows feature enables you to add if-this-then-that logic to Podio apps. For example, instruct your app to create a task or comment, when an item is created or when a particular update is made to an item.

Have structured information sent directly to your apps by embedding a Podio webform on your website or by using a Podio hosted form. Great for making your website’s “Contact us” page an integrated part of your workflows.

Podio Share
Share single app items with anyone, even if they’re not on Podio yet. For example, share a project from your Projects app with a client to receive feedback and have them sign off the work.


Workspaces connect groups of people, with the Podio apps they use together to organize their work. Workspaces are usually created to manage projects or for the ongoing running of a company department.

Membership of a workspace is not limited by organization. Anyone can be added to a workspace, for example clients and freelancers.

Open workspaces: Anyone within an organization can become a member. They are not public, but they are listed for all employees of an organization to see – and join if they wish.

Private workspaces: Limited membership, based on invite only. The existence of these workspaces cannot be known to anyone (apart from an organization's administrator) without an invite.

Employee workspaces: Unlike regular workspaces – which are often used by smaller, specific groups of people – the Employee Network brings everyone in an organization together, based on their email domain. For example, everyone with an @abccompany.com email address will be connected in the ABC Company Employee Network.

Communication & Online Meetings

Activity streams
Social activity streams reduce time-consuming cc-email threads, increase transparency and boost knowledge sharing. Every workspace in Podio includes an activity stream – displaying the latest activity from the apps in the workspace and status posts from the members of the workspace.

Status Posts
Ask questions and solve problems with status posts – these can include text, images, files and links.

Boost peer-recognition and employee motivation with the ability to like status posts, comments, tasks and any work you execute in your Podio apps.

You can comment on anything in Podio for in-context, real time discussions. Comments can include text, images, files and links.

Podio Chat
Podio Chat enables instant messaging and video calling with anyone you're connected to on Podio.

Instant Messaging
One-to-one or group chat with messages including text, images, files and links.

Video & Audio
Video and audio calling enable a complete, real time collaboration experience – right inside of Podio.

GoToMeeting Integrations
Organize and structure meetings using a Podio Meetings app with GoToMeeting and GoToMeeting Free integrations. Choose the participants and launch your online meeting from inside Podio.

Tasks, Files & Calendaring

Task Management
Podio tasks enable you to break down work into simple to-dos.

Personal tasks
Easily see all the tasks you're responsible for in your task list and add labels to help you prioritize.

Shared tasks
Make tasks visible to all members of a workspace to ensure that everyone is on the same page and can help out when needed.

Recurring tasks
For those routine to-dos, for example to create a weekly presentation – recurring tasks will help you make sure it always gets done on time.

File sharing
You can share files anywhere in Podio: as part of status posts, chat messages, attached to tasks or attached to anything you manage with your Podio apps. This adds business context to all of your files – making them part of the bigger picture and not scattered in folders on desktops or separate file sharing services.

File storage integrations
Podio integrates with all major file sharing services. For example, designers can manage their projects with Podio and attach hi-res files from Dropbox. Services include: Google Drive, Dropbox, ShareFile, Box, HighTail, and OneDrive.

Customizable calendars on Podio give you the option to view only events and deadlines directly related to you, or to get an overview of everything going on in a department or company-wide.

Personal calendar
Your personal calendar is customized to suit the view of your schedule that you need. From the most narrow view that shows you only your meetings and tasks due in the coming days, to adding the projects and other app items you're in charge of, to the broadest view of everything going on in all the workspaces you're a member of.

Workspace calendar
Shows you everything happening in a particular workspace, for example all the deadlines for a project.

Calendar integrations
Push events in Podio to an external calendar service: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar using Exchange, or iCal. You can also enable the option to display events from a Google or Exchange powered calendar in Podio.


Podio integrates with all major file sharing services – Google Drive, Dropbox, ShareFile, Box, HighTail, and OneDrive.

Zendesk, Campaign Monitor, Evernote, FreshBooks, and more, also integrate with Podio.

Podio Extensions
Extensions are add-ons for Podio developed by third-parties to suit specific use-cases, for example, Gantt charts for project managers. View the Extensions page for the complete list.

Email Integration
Podio provides several ways to make emails social, structured and part of your workflows.

Email to App
Every app in Podio has a unique email address. This enables you to forward emails into Podio to become items in an app. This is often used to add new sales leads to a Leads app, or to start a project from an email discussion with a client.

Email to Task
Your personal task list in Podio has a unique email address. Forward emails to this address to create tasks for yourself, based on the content of the email.

Email to Activity Stream
For the times you find yourself in an ever growing email thread – perhaps when discussing a new project with colleagues or an agency – you can take the email thread, including all the messages and file attachments and create a status post in a Podio workspace.

Google Task Gadget
Teams that use Google Apps as their email service, can install the Podio Task Gadget. This provides a Podio task interface, displayed at the bottom of each email – enabling you to turn emails into Podio tasks directly from your email inbox.

Excel Support - Import & Export
You can import data into any Podio app from any Excel spreadsheet in seconds. For example, create an app to manage sales leads and import the spreadsheet you previously used into the app. It's also possible to export data from your apps to an Excel spreadsheet.

API & Mobile SDKs

Podio is open by default – transparency and collaboration is in our DNA. That’s why Podio is built on top of an open API. We aim to make it easy as possible for you to build on the Podio platform.

We currently provide wrappers for PHP, .NET, Ruby, Java, and Python which make working with common API operations very simple. The entire Podio frontend is built on the API, and we have exposed it all for you to use too. If you want to build event-driven applications, you have the ability to register webhooks in your Podio apps.

To enable the building of mobile apps on the Podio platform we provide software development kits for iOS (an easy to use Objective-C library that also works for OS X) and for Android.

View the Podio Developers Site to get started with any of our client libraries.