File sharing on Podio

Discuss, organize and track your team’s files in one place.

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Share and access files anywhere

From simply sharing a presentation as a status post, to completing a project by attaching design files – you can organize, discuss and track files anywhere in Podio.

Once it’s on Podio it’s easy to find, and available wherever you are. Revisions are easier to manage, too. Whenever a file is added, removed or replaced – this history is clearly visible for everyone working, with the possibility to revert unwanted changes.

Store it on Podio, or Dropbox, or Google Drive...

We give you unlimited, free storage on Podio. And, whatever your favourite file-sharing service is, chances are it’s integrated with Podio. Seamlessly access and share content from any of these services, anywhere in Podio:

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

  • Box

  • Evernote

  • ShareFile

  • One Drive

  • SugarSync

For details regarding file types and maximum file sizes, please view the File Sharing article in the Podio Help Centre.