Using Podio

Whatever you work with, there's a Podio workspace for it

From structuring a project, to organizing your sales team, to transforming the way your entire company works together. Podio can help you simply get the job done, or grow with you to connect all your work in one place.

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Project management

Podio makes it easy to keep everyone involved with a project on the same page.

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Track your customers and organize your team with Podio as your customizable CRM.

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Social Intranet

Streamline basic processes, like vacation calendaring and expense reporting

Product Planning & Development
Run a complete agile development process, perfect for web and mobile apps.
Workflow management
Create and automate your key workflows, to add structure and save time.
Podio makes working together in teams and across entire organizations easy.
Event Management
Organize your to-dos, and have speakers and attendees register with webforms.
Business Process Management
Customize Podio to support and track the processes that are unique to your team.
SCRUM Management
From product backlogs, to sprints and dev tasks, run a full SCRUM process on Podio.
Team Management
Make team collaboration easy – know who’s doing what and when it will be done.
Email Management
Create tasks from emails or push emails into Podio, to add structure and accountability.