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Podio for CRM

Track leads, manage customer relationships and organize your sales team in one place.

Podio CRM software screenshot.

Often CRM tools are incredibly dull, overly complicated, or both. Podio is designed to make tracking your leads and sales as lightweight and easy as possible. Combined with real-time communication and task management in one place – Podio is the first CRM your team will love to use.

Here is a look at how Emma and her team use Podio on a daily basis to structure their work – helping them close deals faster and keep their clients happy:

create an item

Emma customized the templates of her apps, so she is confident her team can store all the necessary bits of information the team needs.

add files

You can add files to almost anything in Podio, conveniently integrating with services like ShareFile, Box and Google Drive. It makes it easy for Emma to attach statement of work and contract documents to each deal they record.


Every deal is related to a company, so Emma and her team can quickly look up the entire history of a relationship with a client company – what they've bought previously, what they will buy again, and what they’ve shown an interest in buying.

workspace dashboard

Emma uses the workspace dashboard to get a clear overview of how her team is doing. Tiles clearly display their sales pipeline and sales reports in visual line and bar charts.


Emma is out to for the afternoon to visit one of her bigger clients. During the train ride, she stays notified about new activity through the mobile app. She can see that one of her reps, Dominic, has a new lead that she recognises from a previous job.

add comment

Emma leaves a comment on the lead added by Dominic – letting him know that she’s worked with this company before and can help out with a pitch.

create task

To make sure she remembers to follow up when she’s back in the office, Emma assigns a task to herself, that's linked to the company. The task has a reminder that will alert her at a date and time she sets.


The client Emma is meeting with has a query about a previous invoice. Using Podio's chat feature, she can send the question to Paul in accounts who gets back to her before the meeting’s over – keeping her client happy.


At the end of the week Emma uses filters to segment all the new deals that have been closed by each rep. She uses this to generate a report for her team – and the report will now automatically update each week going forward.

Uhuru Design
This Brooklyn based, multi-disciplinary design firm, created a unified workflow – from sales, to design and manufacturing.

"Because of Podio I see the process, I see them talking about it, I see them asking questions if they need to know something from me about what’s going on in the shop."

Matt Eismann

Shop Manager

See first-hand how Podio’s CRM software will transform how you grow your business.