Podio for CRM

Track leads, manage customer relationships and organize your sales team in one place.

Often CRM tools are incredibly dull, overly complicated, or both. Podio is designed to make tracking your leads and sales as lightweight and easy as possible. Combined with real-time communication and task management in one place – Podio is the first CRM your team will love to use.

Collaborate better to close more deals
Podio puts the focus on collaborating and sharing to improve data quality and make sure your team is always armed with up to date information about your leads and customers.
Manage the complete customer journey with Podio.
Use Podio’s integrated webforms to capture contact information. Organize and track who’s responsible for each lead. Create your deal pipeline and sales reports. No more jumping between disconnected tools.
Karina schuelke

"My team really loves Podio. We were using SugarCRM previously, which works well for recording things but not for interactivity. I can definitely say that we are all waaaay more happy with Podio."

Karina Shuelke

Operations Manager,


See first-hand how Podio can transform the way your team works together.