Podio for Project Management

We’ll handle the management, so you can get on with the project.

Nothing slows a project down like endless status meetings and reporting. To keep your team moving – Podio organizes all your project’s deadlines, files and conversations into one transparent place. You get the overview you need, without the hassle, while your team stays aligned and focused.

Get everyone on the same page.

Gone are the days of to-do lists in spreadsheets and endless email threads. When running a project on Podio it’s easy to stay coordinated, with every task, file and discussion on one page.

Your choice of overviews and reports.

It’s a lot clearer to visualize all the moving parts of your projects in Podio. Pick the right overview for you, and create reports that keep you informed of progress.

Completely customizable to fit your team.

Every project and team is different – and we don’t believe you should have to change how you work to fit into software. With Podio, you choose the features you need and you name everything to suit exactly how you work.

Using Podio for Project Management

A project manager called Jenny introduced Podio at her advertising agency – let’s call it Acme Inc.. Until recently, they required tons of meetings, calls and emails to stay on top of their projects. Despite all the effort, things still fell between the cracks. Here is how Jenny found a better way to structure their work and communications.


This app defines the framework of each project and helps Jenny quickly see the status and related deliverables. It also gives her an overview of other projects within her team.


For each project, Jenny breaks down the work into deliverables. This helps her creative team stay on top of their individual assignments, while enabling Jenny to keep her eye on the big picture.


Jenny's meetings are automatically added to her calendar and include a location, time and agenda. They can be linked to deliverables or projects, so the relevant material is always one click away.

Podio in action

Here is a look at how Jenny and her team use Podio on a daily basis to get things done:

Jenny made her own template, so she is confident she can store all the necessary bits of information her team needs.

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You can add files to almost anything in Podio, conveniently integrating with services like Google Drive and Dropbox. It makes it easy for Jenny to e.g. add the project brief as a PDF to the project.

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Every project references a client, so it’s easy for Jenny to look up previous communications and outcomes related to her current client.

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Jenny uses the workspace dashboard to get a quick overview of how her team is doing. It shows the latest updates, the work currently in progress and highlights overdue work.

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She can jump straight into one of the overdue deliverables and post a comment to ask what’s holding back completion. It turns out the owner is sick.

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Asking another team member to help out is simple: Jenny can assign a task to her colleague James, right on the overdue deliverable so he knows what the task is related to.

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On the mobile app, James will be notified about his new task immediately. The deliverable in question is connected to it so that Jenny will be notified automatically and can see on the deliverable when he completes the task.

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Using built-in chat, Jenny can send her colleague a ‘get well soon’ message, or start a group conversation that includes the entire team.

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meeting is so much more than just a location and a date. The team use it prepare and discuss the agenda beforehand and to record next steps when it’s over, all in one well-documented place.

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During the meeting they discuss each team member’s progress by filtering the deliverables by owner in the Deliverables App.

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When the project is done, all the work and communication stays neatly documented for future reference. With unlimited storage, they will never run out of space.

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"Since moving our work to Podio my team is spending at least an hour less a day on project management."

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