Podio as an Intranet

Your instant social intranet that's completely customizable to your organization.
Podio intranet

Using Podio as your intranet creates a place for everyone to communicate and run basic business processes with ease. Work is aligned and coordination improved, while knowledge sharing between colleagues becomes natural and fun, increasing both employee satisfaction and dedication.

Connect and share with everyone in your company.
You’ll bring everyone together on Podio. Use activity streams to post company news, a shared calendar to plan events, file-sharing and tasks to collaborate across your business, and chat instant-messaging for a faster, real-time alternative to email.
People and processes in one place.
Jumping between different systems for different tasks slows everyone down. Using Podio lets you streamline everything from expense reporting, to vacation calendaring, to office FAQs.
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Jessie white

"Quite honestly, I can’t actually remember what the hell we did before Podio came into our lives and swept us off our feet. Email? Pah! It seems faintly ridiculous now."

Jessie White

Princess of Organizing Chaos,

Misfit, Inc

See first-hand how Podio can transform the way your team works together.