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Podio as an Intranet

Your instant social intranet that's completely customizable to your organization.

Podio as an intranet software screenshot.

Using Podio as your intranet creates a place for everyone to communicate and run basic business processes with ease. Work is aligned and coordination improved, while knowledge sharing between colleagues becomes natural and fun, increasing both employee satisfaction and dedication.

Here is a look at how Catherina and her company use Podio on a daily basis to communicate and structure basic processes:

activity stream

Catherina’s intranet includes a shared activity stream. Everyone in the company can post updates, ask questions and share knowledge – including images, links and documents. It helps create a unified team across their growing company.


Every employee at Acme Inc. now has a Podio profile that includes their contact details, a short bio and their skills. Especially when using the mobile app, it’s now much faster to simply find someone’s phone number or basic information like where they work.

app template

The Podio apps used to run processes like expense and vacation reporting, all have customizable templates. Catherina has modified them so they now store all the necessary bits of information the team needs to document and easily access.

mobile app

When Catherina’s out with a client, she can use the Podio mobile app to enter an expense before she’s even left the bar or restaurant. No longer do receipts need to pile up or get lost.


You can add files to almost anything in Podio, conveniently integrating with services like Google Drive and Dropbox. When adding an expense, Catherina simply snaps a picture of the receipt and attaches it to the expense item.


Once the expense is added by Catherina, a workflow automatically tasks the finance team to review it. You can set up workflows to eliminate the manual work in your processes – saving time and making sure nothing gets missed or forgotten.


Catherina uses the workspace dashboard to store useful links and to provide a guide for how employees can use the apps in the workspace – along with the occasional favourite photo from past company events!


Whenever there’s a big company announcement or a success story to share, it’s added to the Bulletins app. The rest of the team can then jump in and discuss the news with comments. You can add comments to any content in Podio.


Podio also provides everyone at Acme Inc. with an easy to manage task list. Catherina mainly uses it to set reminders for herself, but she’s also set up recurring tasks for team leaders to contribute their slides to the monthly All Hands meeting.


Using Podio’s chat feature, Catherina can easily reach any of her colleagues. Before she had an overflowing inbox, and various teams had adopted different chat tools to communicate. Now they’re all connected in one place.

Organic food producers – keeping a tight-knit team connected across multiple locations.

"We really needed a solution where we had everything in one place, and an overview of what needed to be done, what had been done, and where we were in that process – Podio does just that."

Juliane Schmeltzer Dybkjaer


See first-hand how Podio’s intranet software can transform how your business works together.