Apply for a special offer from Podio

Podio proudly supports many non-profits, NGO's startups, and student organizations. If you think you are eligible, please fill in the form and attach any proof of your non-profit/student/startup status in a document at the bottom, by selecting the 'Add file' button (US nonprofit organizations please attach your 501(c)3 letter).

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to offer sponsorships to the following types of organizations:
Political Parties, Churches or Faith-based organizations, Homeowner Associations, Professional Associations or Membership Clubs, Worker Unions, Hospitals, Governmental Organizations or Faculty/Staff of Educational Organizations/School Districts.


Our Privacy Policy and TRUSTe Compliance certification can be found

If you have not setup your account on Podio, go to to create your account and setup your organization. When you have done so, please write in this field, the name of your organization as you have written it on Podio.

If the contract owner is not you, the contract owner must be a member of your organisation on Podio – please add them now if you have not already done so before you submit your application.

If in doubt, see for an overview of the features provided in each plan.