Practice-Based Research (PBRN) Shared Resource Micro Grant Program Pre-Application

The PBRN Shared Resource (PBRNSR) seeks to catalyze research through the establishment of an easily accessible program for small pilot studies led by practice-based research network (PBRN) members, PBRN leaders, and/or community partners; particularly pilots focused on clinical translational research in community settings. The goals of the PBRN Shared Resource are to train PBRN clinical and translational researchers, develop bi-directional relationships, and enhance knowledge about research through involving community clinicians and members in research endeavors. The goal of the PBRNSR Micro Grant Program is to develop and support practice-based research networks, ultimately improving patient care in Northeast Ohio by fostering research ideas into translatable and facilitating research findings translated into changes in medical practice.

Proposals including a new collaboration (the investigators have never worked together on a research project) or developing translational research infrastructure consistent with PBRNSR goals are preferred.

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Set the targets for the project and what will be measure to judge the project's achievement.

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