Insights for Podio

Insights for Podio is a tool that provides the user both a high level and granular view of the workspace/apps structure and metadata of their Podio platform. It offers a Podio workspace overview including, health/issues of the workspace/apps, and provides the user a thorough system insight.

1) Shows the calculations in a user friendly way, so that you can see which apps/app fields or incoming/outgoing relationships you have used in calculations.
2) Shows field dependency graphs, which helps with complex systems built around Podio and hard to create manual dependency graphs.
3) When the system has deep errors, this solution will help visualize where the error is happening, allowing for a faster error resolution.
4) Identify if a field was deleted and the field is still being used in calculations.
5) Identify is a field has been renamed and the previous name is being used in calculations.
6) Visualize if a field is used anywhere in the platform before deleting it. If this is the case, it is then easy to fix the original calculations before deleting the field.