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Dashboards by Plecto

Visualizing your Podio data on a Plecto dashboard in real-time is a powerful way to create a complete overview of your most important activities, KPIs, and business metrics.

With Plecto, you can create a fully customized Podio dashboard for your needs. Whether that be project management, sales, product planning, customer relationships, or anything else, Plecto can add value to your Podio data with meaningful visualizations.

Display your data on a wide variety of widgets, including graphs and speed-o-meters and use conditional colours to easily identify progress towards your goal.

Make use of Plecto’s unique gamification features by creating leaderboards that spark motivation amongst your team. Set up custom notifications that trigger every time an employee achieves a goal like reaching a new milestone or closing a sale.

Display options for Plecto are endless. You can display your Podio dashboards on TV screens across your office, on your computer or access them from your device thanks to our iOS and Android app.

Start your free trial of Plecto and learn more about how to get started with your Podio dashboards.

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