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bizGadgetz - Podio based Responsive Application with Easy UI and great UX

bizGadgetz is a solution that produces affordable custom software for smart organizations to transform their pains and problems into productivity and profits.

Podio is a powerful tool. Suppose you only want some of your team members to have full access to your Podio data. bizGadgetz allows you to have a simple, branded custom interface to your Podio workspaces. We develop a custom application around your business using or developing a Podio back-end. Customers or team members get an easy-to-use mobile or web interface that will display/edit data, dashboards, calendar, group and personal notifications, and trigger automations. Optimize the power of Podio with a branded bizGadgetz simple, appealing, mobile, interface.

bizGadgetz allows you to provide a beautiful user interface with your company’s brand, tightly integrated to Podio. Even publish Podio data and content to your website. We have building blocks for functionality including Project Management, Scheduling, CRM, Estimations, Proposals, Time Tracking and more. Your new app is customized to your look and feel, process, automation, nomenclature, and culture. Our bizGadgetz framework extension allows us to quickly build for your department, company or organization a custom mobile and web application integrated with Podio, GlobiFlow, and other third party tools and extensions. Let us show you how bizGadgetz can dramatically empower and exponentially enhance Podio.

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