Podio | Parseur Integration

What if you had an email parsing tool that automatically extracts data from your emails and exports those parsed email data to Podio as well?

Sounds too good to be true? This is what Parseur does as a powerful email parsing tool!

With the integration of Parseur, you can be sure to save countless hours of manual work and scale your business through workflow automation.

Podio has many functionalities such as workflow management, project management, and CRM as well. Podio CRM is widely used among brokers, realtors, and agents for their smooth-running processes.

Integrating Podio with Parseur will only add value to your business processes!

Let’s take the case where you receive hundreds of emails from suppliers, customers, and lead generation platforms daily. Of course, you are using Podio to specifically assign tasks to your team. However, you still need to sort out your emails and extract relevant information to be able to add them to Podio. This process takes time especially if you are a real estate agent who needs to get back to his clients quickly to close the deal.